Movement every day….

When we first started discussing the Applesteam dream, it all seemed like a pipedream, set somewhere in the future, in a land far far away…… As time passes, little by little, preparations are being made. The land is now sorted and all the legal stuff is signed off, and we are now in the process of learning about what we intend to build, and how we intend to live.

The Applesteam dream is now taking a turn towards thinking and planning the house, though construction won’t be for some time, the build will be here before we know it, so the next few years we have the luxury of fine tuning our home’s design.

It was my birthday the other week and two very dear friends, also in the process of planning major life changes and a new home, surprised me with some wonderful help towards our sustainable living….two books…..

Patio Produce

A wonderful book on growing things in small places, very surprised at some of the possibilities, can;t wait to get started. The second and most exciting for me is a book on foraging…

food for free

I have been talking about this idea for quite a bit of the summer and both myself and Richard are looking forward to our first free hedgerow lunch. I’ve got a few days away from the office, spending time with my parents this coming week and intend to spend some time digesting some of the information and tips in this book. Nettle soup and mixed weed salad here we come. Mmmm nettle bread…….that might work…

Tonight I am working on setting up a large lever arch file ready for inspiration, clippings and booklets to go in, so our build ideas are all together. By the time we’re ready to employ an architect to draw the official plans, from our own drwings, we’ll have all the relevant information to hand over to him ready to plan the build.
We’ve found lots of inspirational pictures on the internet of construction; design features; architectural detailing and layouts, but these will only be for inspiration as our home will be totally unique, a reflection of both of us. We are even reasearching some straw bale building courses at local colleges. If we manage to attend one before next summer, we may even do our own small workshop on the techniques next summer at a festival we attend.
Well, I must get on with the Applesteam Dream file now.

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I love the idea of produce on a patio. What a great gift! I hope you will keep us updated with pictures through the years as your dream progresses toward reality!

Comment by My Imperfect Kitchen

Thanks for the comments,we intend to carry the blog on even when the straw bale house is built and we have the fruit and vege growing and we’re producing our own chutney, pickles and pestos. x

Comment by applesteamdream

I do love to read the steps you are taking towards the applesteam dream.
The reality is beautiful, exciting and quite scary too although all these little baby steps will lead you to the dream – x x

Comment by Debbie Kerrison

Thanks again for your lovely comments. You hit the nail on the head , exciting, and beautiful. It seems the little steps are the best way forward, learning and practicing before we really start. Really enjoying our journey.

Comment by applesteamdream

We know exactly what you are going through, how you feel, and what thoughts are running through your heads. We were in this position 5 years ago and through hard work, determination and sheer bloody mindness, we are so glad we stuck with our dream, It can be done and you will do it.! Look forward to following your progress!

Comment by Willowarchway

Thanks for the well wishes. Looking forward to enjoying the journey as well as the result.

Comment by applesteamdream

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