Humble Straw.

Humble Straw


Humble straw – waste to some, line the horses stable,

a comfy mouse’s bed, dead of winters cattle fed.

But so much more when bound and tight,

When baled, pinned and stacked to height.

Form the walls around the frame, cut to shape an eve,

A soft window seat to read and snooze, allow my mind in dreams to loose.

Earthy shades and scented air, drifts me deep in restful sleep,

Upon my comfy window seat.

I dream of bright and fertile land to fill my eye’s horizon,

I dream a dancing trickling stream, I dream of fields of vibrant green.

Book from hand it drops and wakes, eyes a hazy slumber,

They clear to view from window seat, they see what I behold,

They see surrounding vibrant green, they see that dancing trickling stream,

They see my life’s love strolling by with wood to fill the fire,

This house of straw has given me my longing life’s desire.


 By Richard


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That is lovely Richard, we really do share the same dream. though in my version there is the aroma of a freshly baked cake in the air…….mmmmmmm

Comment by applesteamdream

What a lovely picture you paint with your words, I can feel the comfort of your ‘comfy window seat’ and the drowsiness that allows the dream – to open your eyes and find your dreams really come true – a thought worth holding on to x x
and ric – caramalised onion bread is what needs to be baking! x

Comment by Debbie Kerrison

I have been teasing you with caremelised onion bread for a while Debbie, I’ll make you some this week, xx

Comment by applesteamdream

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