Enjoying the Journey and Learning on the Way.

Well it seems like a lifetime ago now since we went to Ireland, what a wonderful time.  The countryside is everything I expected and more. Yes its green because it rains, but the light changes across the landscape are awe-inspiring. We were only there for a few days, but my heart and soul felt like we were home. As well as Richard’s upbringing in Ireland, he still has relatives over there, my dad’s family were originally from the emerald isle too, so it feels like a returning for me too.

The hospitality of people as we travelled around I found to be more than I was laid to believe. You cannot visit anyone without having homemade cakes, soda bread and jam, biscuits and sandwiches appear in front of you like magic. This felt very much like my Mum’s way of thinking, looking after guests. It has inspired me to gain more knowledge and skills ready for when we move over there. I have been practicing my baking skills, making breads, new versions of fruit tarts:

Strawberry and custard vanilla shortbread tart.

As well as the baking, I am at last learning to grow food from seeds and cuttings. On the window sills I have Chives, loads of basil (want  to try to make some homemade pestos), all grown from seed and re=potted. The rosemary and pepper plants were cuttings from friends. i intend for us to have a well-managed herb garden over there, close to the kitchen.

Time to get back to the baking, I think maybe garlic and rosemary flatbread, to go with the vegetable stew tonight.

The Applesteamdream continues to grow…….

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That looks mouthwatering, will be round later to sample.

Comment by Helen

Oh we’re going to be so fat lol

Comment by applesteamdream

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